Silk Face Mask

·       Water and Droplet Resistant Materials.

·       Breathable and Comfortable to wear all day.

·       Certified  and Tested  for Antibacterial Layer.  

·       Made with our Authentic Silk Blend  with 40%  silk & 60% cotton. 

·       Allergen free. No Skin Irritation.

·       Easy to care for.

·       Comfort and ease to talk during meetings or on the phone.

·       Adjustable & elastic ear loops.

·       Flexible coated wire on the nose bridge makes better fitting of the mask.

·       Four layers of silk fabric:

  • Outer layer is water & droplet resistant.
  • Next inner layer has antimicrobial protection.
  • Third layer filters dust.
  • Fourth soft layer protects skin against irritation.